Tosa Farmers Market


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the TFM located?

The market is located on the Hart’s Mills parking lot in the Village of Wauwatosa. The lot is situated along the Oak Leaf bike trail, just across the Menomonee River from Chancery and Cafe Hollander. Free parking is available across the train tracks, on the large parking lot behind the Little Red Store (a historic landmark and Tosa’s visitors’ center).The area is surrounded by several high density neighborhoods and is a short drive from Milwaukee and West Allis city limits, Mayfair Shopping Center, and the grounds of the Milwaukee County Institution and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center. It is easily accessible from I 94 and Route 41.

Click here to view Safe Routes to the Market from each elementary school in Wauwatosa.

When does your season run?

June 3 through October 14, 2017

What are your hours of operation?

Saturdays, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

How many vendors come to the market?

While the number changes from week to week depending on what’s in season, we have approximately 50 vendors.

Who runs the Tosa Farmers Market (TFM)?

The Tosa Farmers Market is run by a community collective of dedicated Wauwatosa volunteers and we have a Market Manager.

What are your volunteer needs, and how can I get involved as a volunteer?

We can always use volunteers to help promote our market as well as to help run the market each week. For more information about volunteer needs, contact us at

Can I bring my dog to the market?

Dogs are prohibited at Tosa Farmers Market. For the safety of our customers, vendors and our furry friends we feel we must have a no dog policy in place. Service dogs are of course welcome with their owners. Thank you for your adherence and understanding of the policy.

Does the market allow solicitations? 
No soliciting by political, commercial or other special cause groups or individuals is permitted within the market boundaries during market hours. If you witness this kind of activity, please alert the Market Manager. Our mission is to assist our vendors in earning a sustainable living and any activist engagement or commercial endeavor that inhibits our vendors from conducting regular business will not be tolerated. The Tosa Farmers Market respects the First Amendment rights of any individual organization, therefore petitioners are asked to gather signatures outside the market boundaries in order to respect the privacy of market patrons and vendors to provide a positive experience while at the market.



I am a vendor. How can I sell my products at the TFM?

We open the Vendor Application process from January to March every year.  Please see the homepage for the online application.

What kind of licensure do I need to sell my products at the TFM?

Farmers selling fresh vegetables and non-potentially hazardous food are required to obtain a City Food License. Operators selling meals are required to obtain a Temporary Restaurant License. Operators from licensed grocery store, or other retail food businesses are require to obtain a Traveling Food License. More information about licenses can be obtained by contacting the city of Wauwatosa Health Department’s Intake and Referral line: 414.479.8939.

Do vendors have to apply for a whole season, or do you take “walk-ons”?

We do not accept “walk ons” at this time.

What if I register for the whole season but can’t make it on some of the market days?

If a farmer is not able to be present at the market day, he/she may send a qualified representative for their business in his/her place. Also, a vendor can miss a market day without penalty if advance notice is given. Otherwise, there may be a small fee if a vendor is a “no show” on market day.

How do I know people will show up to your market?

There is a great demand for a weekly farmers market in Tosa. Evidence of this demand is the attendance of over 1,000 people at our 2009 Kick-Off event and during our first few years. Average attendance in 2013 was 1,300 visitors. To make sure that our residents and the people of surrounding cities are informed of our market, we will aggressively promote the TFM with a marketing plan that includes use of the following tools: internet promotion (through our Twitter feed and Facebook group), newspaper interviews, fliers, refrigerator magnets, yard signs and tote bags, appearances at various community meetings and events, “word of mouth advertising,” and ads and write-ups in neighborhood and school newsletters.

I am an artist/crafter. Can I sell my creations at your market?

The Tosa Farmers Market will have Maker Market Days on the first Saturday of every month during the market season. If you are a creator of fine hand crafted items and you would like to be considered for this market, please see the website for an application and more information.